Game Developer • AS in Computer Programming


Story Platformer (72-hour game jam)

Planned and developed from scratch based on the theme "Unstable" for Ludum Dare 49. Used a light-weight Lua game framework.

Includes an animated cut-scene system using Lua table definitions. Used the Tiled editor to design platforming levels with 3 visual layers, custom collision shapes, hazards, and enemies.

Shooter in ECS Game Engine with Rust

Used an in-development game engine and followed a structured project plan to experiment with large game maps, entity component systems, and autonomous enemies.

Implemented mesh-based map collisions to facilitate entity movement, screen-space meshes and particles for weapons, and simple enemy attack behavior.

Textured Mesh Rasterizer in Python

Abused a 2D SDL game framework to render textured meshes.

Implemented a camera handler, noise-based voxel map generator, normal-based lighting, simple matrix and vector library, OBJ reader, and triangle rasterizer.

Included unit tests and a structured project plan to develop and solve issues quickly.

2.5D Dungeon-Crawler Roguelike

Designed a dungeon-diving game using a 2D SDL game framework. Uses a procedural dungeon generator to create increasingly-larger levels with loot and enemies.

Features simple enemy homing and attacking logic, dropped items and treasure to collect, and keys to unlock the next level.

Virtual Character Painting Tool

My solution for modifying in-game Minetest character appearances without restarting the game. Documentation demonstrates the editing tools and file saving features.

Draws shapes and lines using Bresenham's algorithm, records an action queue for undoing, and includes configurable color palettes.

Screen-Space Reflection Shaders

GLSL water shaders for Minetest. Uses perspective projection, transformation matrixes, dynamic noise, and the fresnel effect to produce pleasing reflections.

Captcha API for Minetest Servers

A method for preventing bots on Minetest servers. Introduces an API to register and display common tests to verify humans.

Includes a clear user interface, common verification tests, and passive background tests for added security.

40+ Minetest Content Modules

Many Lua modules for the Minetest Game Engine which introduce items, tools, developer APIs, and more.

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